If This Video Doesn’t Stop You From Texting and Driving , Nothing Will!

Texting killsI think this sticker must be applied on the every single smartphone, and steering wheel. How many messages you wrote, while you was in the driver`s seat? For example: I`m doing this every day, several times, while driving.Sometimes, I`m using speech recognition feature to write the message, but most common is taping. This is quite normal, when you are in permanent rush, and you have some free time while driving, to check out your Facebook or to text somebody you love. Yeah sure, but this might be the last message for you and someone else, who hadn`t in his agenda to get in the car accident.

texting kills1
Of course, this is a strong argument: “I`m texting, while I`m stuck in traffic jam, or I`m looking at the road, just glancing on the screen, and I`ve never got in the car accidents because of this”. Good for You, thank God, that he helps you driving, while you are chatting, but one fine day he may be helping someone else. Here is the statistics: Last year 3092 were killed in America, because of texting while driving. 3092 lives – this is a small village. Just imagine one small village died, because of taping the message, in just one year.

Those could be future doctors, cancer researchers, scientists, they could have nice families, children. Instead of this, they are feeding the worms, just because one single message was taped in inconvenient time.
Just imagine, you are driving on the highway with your friends, heading somewhere for spending great time. There is a good music, you are all in the good mood. The World belongs to you, all roads are open for you, my friends. There`s nobody on the road, it`s clear. Speed is average, 60-70 mph. You grab your smartphone to write somebody. It`s normal to share your happiness with the World. What can occur on the clear road? You just tapped first few words, and then someone is shouting! You are raising eyes from display to windshield. How could situation behind it to change so fast? While you was texting, you passed several hundred meters.
texting kills2
Now, the road is not so clear. Your brain reacts, and right leg is hitting the brake pedal. Masses and traction is distributed unevenly. Say goodbye to control! For this moment you can just hope that everything will be, at least without major traumatism. Why couldn`t you stop, or ask someone to tap that message. Bang! Seat belts are tight! Bang! Now everything is black. Pain, sufferings, your friends are moaning, someone is screaming. For next year, every movement will be painful, surgeries, rehabs. Some of your friends you will visit on cemetery. Broken families, tears and sufferings: does the one message cost this? Is this so hard to stop the car in the safe place and tap the message if it is so important, or at least use the speech recognition.

I want that car manufacturers would realize, that introducing wi-fi internet connection in the cars is dangerous! I understand, that your profit is more important, than someone`s life. “One life is the tragedy, thousands of lives is statistics” – this phrase was said in the period of World War II. Equipping car with internet connection provokes using mobile devices while driving. Imagine just for one second, that your children may suffer from your technology.
Summarizing: My Speed Addicted Brothers and Sisters, please think about your friends and parents, don`t make them suffer. Text while you are not behind the steering wheel, drive responsibly.