Have You Ever Heard The Sound a Rolls Royce Phantom Produces With Open Headers?

For a gearhead, the sound of a car is something that makes him loving or hating the vehicle producing it.We can recognize a car by its sound even if it is a kilometer away because this is the best thing we can do.Today we came across a Rolls Royce Phantom, a car that not everybody is lucky to own one.It is lifted up in a mechanic shop doing some maintenance work on a parking brake module and everyone knows that it requires exhaust removal in order to get the job done.But before finishing this job, these guys decided to do something else.


To satisfy their curiosity, they decided to unleash the beast this vehicle hides inside and fired up the V12 engine this monster has under the hood.Can you imagine the roar it produces with that kind of engine? This is music to my ears.Check it out yourself and leave us your opinion in the comment section after sharing this cool video with your gearheads friends.Enjoy!

Check it out!