You’ll Think That This Guy Is The World’s Biggest A*shole But Watch It Till The End!

Have you ever tried to picture the world’s biggest asshole? Maybe you don’t need to because he lives in your neighborhood but we are sure that everybody imagines him like that creepy guy that doesn’t care about anybody while making a real mess everywhere he goes.The guy that drinks alcohol instead of coffee in the morning.The guy that has an old truck with a sticker saying “I can go from 0 to horny in 2.2 beers”.The guy that throws his beer from the car window and laugh when he sees that it crashes on a car behind him.I can never finish with the right explanations about the world’s biggest a*shole but let’s focus on this one in the video we brought for you today.


Actually, this video is about a new campaign for Donate Life from The Martin Agency.It features a guy with all the worst characteristics of a person.He was a person that everybody hates to have it near his house.He was a person that everybody wants to die.But…the unexpectable happened.Check it out in the video we provided and let us know what do you think about it.Share it as much as you can.You can save somebody’s life.Spread the word,save a life!

Check it out!