This Girl Filmed An Insane “Fast & Furious 8” With Her Smartphone And It Leaked On Internet!

Flying cars for Fast and Furious 8.
“Fast and Furious” can become, like “Twilight”, or “Lost” – a movie without the logical end.
I remember first “Fast and Furious”, when we thought, that such racing physics is real. Now we are looking those movies, and this is quite annoying, because if you count gears somebody of racer is shifting, you will know, that cars have at least 12-20 gears. I would believe that, if we were speaking about heavy trucks. Also, they do so much movements without any logic. However, those movies are quite good-looking and attractive.

Fast and Furious are full of action scenes and special effects. There is no sense or drama; there are only cars, chicks, and tons of special effects. Actually, racers are looking these movies, just like cartoons. There are so many unrealistic moments, but they are damn good looking.
For April 2017 is forecasted launching of the 8-th movies from the “Fast and Furious” series. In the internet, there is a viral video from behind the scenes, where cars are falling from the building. Only this scene gives us an idea how spectacular would be this movie! The most important thing, that in Century of Computer graphics and realistic 3D rendering, director decided to shot, how real cars are falling from the real building. This scene looks so cool, even on this bootleg video, imagine, how awesome would be this scene in the movie. Effects and different point cameras will give us a sense of presence on the spot! I don`t know what is the background of this scene, but I definitely like it! One upsetting thing, that we can see this in Cinema only in April 2017. I suppose that before this we will have a couple of such bootlegs from behind the scene.

Maybe this is a new teasing tool, who knows?