This Is What Happens When You Throw a Smart Key Access FOB Outside The Car While Driving!

The guy from “AutoVlog” Youtube Channel has now taken the duty to explain to everyone what happens if you do something in a new car with those new technology options they have inside.We have posted something same as this one today where this guy explain to everyone what happens if you accidentally push the START button in a brand new Ford Fusion Titanium while driving slowly and while driving at 60 mph.If you have lost that article check it out HERE! Today he will explain to us what happens if you throw out of the car a smart key access FOB while driving.


We think you are now familiar with smart key fobs.If you don’t we will try to explain it to you.When this smart key is inside the car it is been assigned, you don’t need to put it in its hole to start the engine like the regular keys.All you need to do is pushing the START button.But what will happen if you throw this key out of the car while it is moving? Will the car lock up or the engine just shut down? Check it out the video yourself and see what happened there.Enjoy!

Check it out!