This Is What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Employee That Owns a Mining Truck!

If you are a contractor, this is an article all dedicated to you, buddy.It happened back in 2013 and since then this video is being watched for over 18 million times and this happened not without any reason.It features an angry employee that has not take his money earned from work for a couple of months and this made him doing insane things.His contractor said that he had no money for him to give but at the same time comes to work on his luxury car.Isn’t this the main reason for the employee to get angry?

Of course, it is and the story doesn’t end like that because the employee decided to do something that his contractor cannot forget.He jumped in his mining truck and started destroying his expensive Mercedes.Check it out what really happened there and share with your friends and family as well.Don’t forget to tag your contractor in this post.Let him know what can happen if you don’t take your wage.Enjoy!

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