This is what happens when you pull the electronic parking brake while driving!

Let’s continue with the video series under the title “What happens if you…” as the guy from the “AutoVlog” Youtube channel uploaded lately another video caught while driving his brand new Ford Fusion Titanium.Previously he told us what happens when you push the Start button while driving at 60mph.Of course, nothing happened because that would cause millions of accidents on the roads but while driving at 20mph the engine turned off if you push that button.The other video was when this guy tried to throw out of the car window the smart key FOB while driving.Check this article HERE!

Today he will try to explain what can happen to you and to your car if you pull the electronic parking brake while driving.Logically it will stop the car because you just pulled the brake button but to see what really happens, we invite you to check out the video we brought for you today.Share it with your friends and family and enjoy!

Check it out!