Ford Made An Official Announcement About The Year The FORD BRONCO Is Coming Out!

All the Ford fans out there gather together because Ford made an official announcement about the year the are going to put the new Ford Bronco on the market for sale.This kind of vehicle was a success for the largest automotive manufacturer in that time for over three decades.It was called ORV back then and it stands for Off-Road Vehicle before SUV was a thing.In the mid 90’s these vehicles were not produced anymore and we had to wait until 2017 to hear an amazing news that it will be out on the nearest Ford dealership from where you live by 2020.Isn’t it too far? We want to hear some of your thoughts about that.

The official announcement was made in Twitter social media before two days:

Before the name BRONCO got too old, some other concepts leaked on the internet but there was never an official one.20 years waiting and the Ford decided to make every fan happy at the North American International Auto Show.All we have to do now is waiting for more 3 years to see this amazing vehicle on the roads again.We waited 20 years until now, those 3 others are nothing for every Ford lover.Share it with your friends and family and don’t forget to share with us your opinion about this.Enjoy!

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