Here Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of a Boxer Engine – This Is How It Works!

Hi, Folks! Today we brought you a video from the most talented mechanic guy on social media where he explains to everyone the advantages and disadvantages of a boxer engine and the working principle of this amazing design of an engine.But what is a boxer engine everyone not knowing may ask? This type of engine is invented back in 1896 when Karl Benz invented the first internal combustion engine with its pistons moving horizontally.The cylinders on this engine are arranged in two banks on either side of a single crankshaft, known as boxers.


But what are the advantages of this amazing type of engine Karl Benz invented back in 1896? Check it out yourself in the video we shared with you today as the guy from “Engineering Explained” Youtube channel will clarify every question you may have for this engine.Share it with your friends and family and enjoy!

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