Two Spanner Trick Or Wrench Extender – Have You Tried Any Of These?

How many of you work with wrenches every day? We’d like to see this so let us know with a comment if you do.Even if the mechanic is not your primary job, you probably have tried at least once undoing several nuts and you probably know that the tight nuts and bolts are a problem nobody wants to face.Anyway, we cannot do anything else than inventing tricks that will help us finishing the task quick and easy.There are several solutions for this problem and we want to share with you a video that provides two of them.

The most usual trick being performed by people is using two spanners or as it is called the two spanner trick.This is easy to do.You only need to double the wrenches or the spanners and like that you reduce the force needed to undo the tight nuts or bolts.The guy in the video we shared with you today will compare this way with the method known as wrench extender.Check it out and let us know what do you think about it.Enjoy!

Check it out!